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pip install mechanize ?

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Hi i am building a linux distobution and i am using bash and python as my base languages and am building it in a bash repl when i was trying to intagrate one of my terminal apps well many times this has happened
It says that there is no module called mechanize (or whatever other module name ) I realized that pip install wasn’t downloaded and of course I do not have root access I cannot just install it myself if someone could install it on whatever servers that host bash repls i would be eternaly gratefull ive tried to figure out a substitute to this but i cant find one
Plese note its still in beta so not evrything works as planned
Thank you

Answered by Cerberus_75 [earned 5 cycles]
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If you are using Python you can create a requirements.txt and the put your modules in their. For example in your there would be mechanize, as automagically detects requirements.txt and then installs their contents (its the same as pip install -r requirements.txt). Hope this helps :D

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Appropriate section of the docs :

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Ill try it thank you