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patch not showing in zip
Apoorvs23 (1)

patch is showing in repl but when i download zip but there is no patch

Chemfien (0)

This is happening to me too, did you solve it ?

AnshikaMishra1 (2)

@Chemfien same happened with me! if anyone knows how to solve this please tell me

amandaeshelman (0)

@AnshikaMishra1 same here!! has anyone figured it out?

AnshikaMishra1 (2)

@amandaeshelman yes, just move the patch file to jpm module 1..and then download the zip. it should be there in jpm module 1 folder. this worked for me.

ishag26 (0)

@Chemfien did you find the solution?...please let me know

malvoliothegood (871)

When I download your repl the patch file is in the zip.