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OnC1 (0)

why ctrl+v, ctrl+shift+v and even right click don't work in console

I cannot paste any input data

OnC1 (0)
QuickV (128)

I'm pretty sure you have to right click, and then press "paste".

OnC1 (0)

@QuickV haha I told I already tried right click. I have always done right click to paste but today it doesn't work. I know I can paste with right click, ctrl+v, ctrl+shift+v

OnC1 (0)

@QuickV thx I think My laptop is stupid i have to change it

Korbindev (133)

try just typing what you want into your console

OnC1 (0)

@Korbindev too many. i can't type over 1000 data

VulcanWM (2904)

do right click on the console

OnC1 (0)

@VulcanWM I already said about it.

Right clicking also dosen't work

tankerguy1917 (179)

@OnC1 I just tried right clicking and it worked fine.