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painfully slow
shachopin (14)

Suddenly it became very very slow to open up a repl. Could someone please look into it? Thanks a lot

peterweck (1)

It's taking forever to load my Python repl

granny (2)

Hey guys. is still slow. Whenever I try to open a repl, it takes forever to load and I just use it to do tiny homework exercises.

skwrrkk (2)

@granny I'm having the same issue!

mat1 (4428)

Are other websites loading slowly for you? It's a problem with your internet. Do you have a proxy enabled? Try disabling it.

katyadee (1288)

Hey! Are you still experiencing this issue? Let me know.

NibhaySaluja (0)

@katyadee i am experiencing this issue when I try to boot up java repls

jakashnarayanan (0)

use vpn and connect to france the server will be fast

ripull125 (9)

I'm still experiencing it.

satyam1911 (0)

The only reason is you are using any proxy [email protected]

satyam1911 (0)

Is there any app like pshiphon pro or vpn max ? then you should disable it in order to make your html site or repl site fast @ripull125

_PixelOrangeDev (5)

That was also an issue for me, but only on my PixelBot repl. Thankfully it's stopped now.