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ow do you change the type of code in a repl?
Korbindev (134)

how do you do it i have something on html and i want it to be bash

Answered by LoveFromSkyy (137) [earned 5 cycles]
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LoveFromSkyy (137)

You should make a new repl. Going through the trouble of changing this is not worth it. The shell would also allow you to run .sh files if you want to try that. You are better off making a new one though. have a great day!

ObiVibKenobi (170)

@KorbinVanette Hi! I know that there have been a few answers, but there’s a better way then copy-pasting all of your code into a new repl. Create a file called .replit, and then in that file write: language=“bash”

SixBeeps (5221)

Best choice would be to create a whole new Repl, but you could also just add in a .sh file and run it in the Shell window.