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LorenzoCampos (576)

doesn't work with repl db, i was going off the wrong idea - to reimplement in another way later

Answered by Coder100 (16898) [earned 5 cycles]
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Coder100 (16898)

Anyways, you have an error, you have to first define all the keys

so in the top of the code, add this:

if "q1a10" not in db:
  db["q1a10"] = 0
  db["q1a10-15"] = 0
  db["q1a10-20"] = 0
  db["q1a10-25"] = 0
  db["q1a10-30"] = 0
  db["q1a10+"] = 0

and so on

LorenzoCampos (576)

@Coder100 ahh so i was on the wrong idea I thought repl db could save data from everyone that ran the program but it appears it doesn't work

*I already made the keys on my side

Coder100 (16898)

@LorenzoCampos oh
yeah, you can't exactly do that i don't think

Coder100 (16898)

you can't be under 10

replit requires you to be 13+ to use the repltalk

wadewillis1 (0)

its a little buggy