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JohnRuflo (0)

Hello! I've been new to this site, mainly using it for college, but recently I have joined a class about programing and have been tasked with making a numerology calculator in c language. As a beginner, I am stumped as to how to continue, can anyone help?

example of finished product:
Name: Mia Yu Go

Total: 4+9+1+7+3+7+6 = 37

37 = 3+7 = 10 => 1+0 = 1
SixBeeps (5052)

Hello @JohnRuflo, and welcome to Replit.

Let's start with what you know and don't know. Do you know how to do either of these?

  • Get the first digit of a number
  • Divide a number by a certain amount
  • Use a for-loop
JohnRuflo (0)

Hi! yes I am familiar with:
getting the first digit
dividing a number
and for loops