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numerology calc in c language?
JohnRuflo (0)

Hi! I'm new to programming, I picked it up for my college. Today we were given this as a challenge; to make a numerology calculator for c language where the sum is calculated by converting your FULL birth name (including any middle names) into numbers using the Pythagorean chart. This type of chart correlates a letter with a single digit number, from 1-9. Then, the total sum is broken down to a single-digit number.


Name: Mia Yu Go

Total: 4+9+1+7+3+7+6 = 37

37 = 3+7 = 10 => 1+0 = 1

any help?

number-letter correlation goes like this:
1 a, j, s
2 b, j, k
3 c, l, u
4 d, m, v
5 e, n, w
6 f, o, x
7 g, p, y
8 h, q, z
9 r, i

malvoliothegood (845)

It's not straight forward that's for sure. Do you know about two dimensional arrays, for and while loops? Also string functions like strlen?

I have coded up a solution. It took a while. If you can't create a solution make a comment and I will give you the link to my program. Happy coding.

JohnRuflo (0)

Yes, I am aware of arrays, however I tried to use if else statements first, however, that to is having issues, so the program link would be much appreciated thank you.

19ecal (228)

@malvoliothegood I would suggest that you leave the repl on it's default name because then people can't see it if they look at your profile, but you can send the link if they can't do the problem

malvoliothegood (845)

@JohnRuflo Here is the link. Please don't try and pass the program off as your own. Your teacher/lecturer has probably got a fair idea of your abilities anyway :-):