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no such file
wuwls11 (0)

Hey, I am a newbie on this ground.

Recently, I have started making fun and blah blah for 2 days?

But, somehow whatever I try, the console just says no such file:

So I have tried changing names of files, making another folder for it, but it never works.

Get me a help, plz. ;)

Wumi4 (532)

It is because by default, Repl takes the Python file as an entry point. Every time you run a Python Repl, It will run the file

To fix this, there are 2 ways:

  • Open the Shell tab next to Console tab, then type:
python3 <>
  • Create a file called .replit, then type in:
run = "python3 <>"

Note that I can't confirm that the second way will work, so can someone confirm me about the second way?

OldWizard209 (1544)

The second way will always work. No need for the 3 in python 3 if ur repl is of python 3 itself. @Wumi4