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need help with html github transfering
NathanTodd2 (8)

so i am having trouble with getting a git hub repo to run a specified .html file

Coder100 (17102)

Simple! Do this for your .replit

run = "cd public ; npx static-here"
ryanbrwr (33)

Hey! it looks like your language is selected as ndoe.js in the .replit file. You're going to need to change that to html & css if you want to run a lone html file. Here's a link to a quick tutorial on that

NathanTodd2 (8)

@ryanbrwr okay though it is javascript

ryanbrwr (33)

@NathanTodd2 I don't see any js files in the repl though. If it is javascript make sure that your app.js file is in the repl, than for the run in the .replit file you should put node app.js