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Delay for c++

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Does anyone know a compatible delay function for c++? I would like to use it to make the computer slow down, and make it easier for calculations. Thanks!

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I meant why not what sry bout that.
1, it is better to not ever encounter the non-compiling at all, and it is faster to only memorize the - comparatively- small amount of standard solutions to the several different solutions for different systems. The point is, he will never ask this question again if he uses the standard way, specifically because it is everywhere. In the long run, it’s better.
2, sure, if you don’t know a portable way and don’t feel like looking it up, fine - but this is not the case, here he is asking us for the way, so he did take the time to 'look it up' and in showing him a standard way, he won’t have to continually 'look it up' for a different os. Again, easier/faster in the long run. The point here is that he is learnings something new, and if he learns a portable way to do it, it’s faster. Again.

I agree it should not be the top thing on your list when developing, but when learning it would be better to just learn the portable way. For the third time - not to be trashy, it’s just my point - it’s better in the long run.

I see where your coming from, and I agree in that situation yes - but I see a different situation.