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Haskell - out of disk space on first run - any fixes?
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I'm unclear on the problem: is my instance size too small ("upgrade") or is this a mistake building the package?

It has been a while since I made a Haskell repl, so I can only say this has changed from about a year ago.

Anyway, definite advice on how to fix this issue is appreciated.

> stack --verbosity warn run Unpacking GHC into /home/runner/.stack/programs/x86_64-linux/ghc-tinfo6-8.10.4.temp/ ... [...] /nix/store/5bxrjkyvqmzn1p897652y3lwa9fxagpw-gnutar-1.34/bin/tar: ghc-8.10.4/libraries/text: Cannot mkdir: Disk quota exceeded /nix/store/5bxrjkyvqmzn1p897652y3lwa9fxagpw-gnutar-1.34/bin/tar: ghc-8.10.4/libraries/text/dist-install/build/Data/Text/Foreign.dyn_hi: Cannot open: No such file or directory [...]
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Thanks, that's helpful info.
edit: I can't tell if this is confirmed. It would be even more helpful to know for sure it works at the hacker level. At one point my local stack install was like 9GB, so I worry it might not.