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Haskell - out of disk space on first run - any fixes?
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I'm unclear on the problem: is my instance size too small ("upgrade") or is this a mistake building the package?

It has been a while since I made a Haskell repl, so I can only say this has changed from about a year ago.

Anyway, definite advice on how to fix this issue is appreciated.

> stack --verbosity warn run Unpacking GHC into /home/runner/.stack/programs/x86_64-linux/ghc-tinfo6-8.10.4.temp/ ... [...] /nix/store/5bxrjkyvqmzn1p897652y3lwa9fxagpw-gnutar-1.34/bin/tar: ghc-8.10.4/libraries/text: Cannot mkdir: Disk quota exceeded /nix/store/5bxrjkyvqmzn1p897652y3lwa9fxagpw-gnutar-1.34/bin/tar: ghc-8.10.4/libraries/text/dist-install/build/Data/Text/Foreign.dyn_hi: Cannot open: No such file or directory [...]
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if you want to use this language without any issues you can always contact [email protected] and have a conversation with them.