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looking gor someone to work in team
LINIA (23)

Hi everyone, I am working in Python, and I am an absolute begginer (well, almost). I am looking for someone (beginner), to work with in a team to learn more and faster and to have company.
Thank you Lina

StringentDev (234)

well, i'm not exactly beginner if not at all but i want to help!

StringentDev (234)

your welcome @LINIA
my discord: Lethdev2019#1617

StringentDev (234)

i'm actually TRYING to get my opensource company/group off the ground, but voluntary employees are an issue. @LINIA

kitoki (2)

@Lethdev2019 how about me? i was same, a newbie that just learn, and ready to be voluntary, because, i'm sure there will be something different, when it compare just reading book.

ah yeah, i was asking everywhere in REPL, to be include in their project, and still not get their response, so, out there, may be you will stumble my comment that asking to join their project, just want to tell you this.

StringentDev (234)

@kitoki, sure if you want to!
I'll help you learn python as well (and pyqt5).

A Github account is needed to register you on the organisation.

kitoki (2)

@Lethdev2019 i sign up my REPL with my github account, so, where i need to register?

StringentDev (234)

you can just give me the github username to send the invite and off we go.

kitoki (2)

@Lethdev2019 you sure? i still don't receive notification in my github

StringentDev (234)

@kitoki, It should be for 'Poly-Devlopment'

kitoki (2)

@Lethdev2019 may be, you invite wrong person? my github username kitoki

i already check your repository, but, i can't find 'Poly-Development', it seem private and i, still not yet get invitation

pyraminx (1)

Hi I would like to join!

MrTrout (5)

I don't know if you are still looking for people but I would love to be added.

Leroy01010 (408)

i am not a beginner but i want to help you

linanada (14)

Thank you
Can you e-mail me at [email protected]? to tell me more about yourself?


DeepakSaini (0)

Yes i am interested to work together my last project submitted