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hi i need learn use the program im nnew visitor on this abb

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You can see that there is a blue + button on the top right corner. If you press on it, you can start coding!

Screenshot 2021-09-05 5.20.40 PM

If you just want to use Replit for coding, then I suggest that's all you click! But, if you want to view other people's projects and stuff like that, then to begin with, click on the hamburger.

Screenshot 2021-09-05 5.21.50 PM

Then, go press Talk. There, you can see All, which is like main news. Announcements, which is just Replit Announcements, Ask, where you can ask questions, Jam, where you can take challenges, Tutorials, where you can post a tutorial to help others learn, Share, where you can share projects and make your project public, and lastly, Templates, which are just for creating templates for other people to see.

From the hamburger, you can also click Apps, where you can find lots of cool projects!

Hope this helps, hope you can mark it as answered!