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invalid syntax
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import time
import random
from math import *

while (1 == 1):
while(1 == 1):
while(1 == 1):
while(1 == 1):
num1 = input("enter number: ")

num = float(num1) numby2 = float(num/int(2) numby3 = float(num/int(2) numby5 = float(num/5) numby7 = float(num/7) numfloat2 = float(numby2) numint2 = int(numby2) numfloat3 = float(numby3) numint3 = int(numby3) numfloat5 = float(numby5) numint5 = int(numby5) numfloat7 = float(numby7) numint7 = int(numby7) if numfloat2 == numint2: numdivby2 == True break else: numdivby2 == False break if numfloat3 == numint3: numdivby3 == True break else: numdivby2 == False break if numfloat5 == numint5: numdivby5 == True break else: numdivby5 == False break if numfloat7 == numint7: numdivby7 == True break else: numdivby7 == False break if num == 0 or num == 1: numdivby2 == False numdivby3 == False numdivby5 == False numdivby7 == False break elif num == 2 or num == 3 or num == 5 or num == 7: numdivby2 == False numdivby3 == False numdivby5 == False numdivby7 == False break if numdivby2 == False and numdivby3 == False and numdivby5 == False and numdivby7 == False: print(num + "is prime") break else: print(num + "is not prime") break

File "", line 13
numby3 = float(num/3)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

i dont think that there should be an error can anyone help

thank you.

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Right now, the error is that the programming cannot support prime numbers greater than 7 because you have not defined what you do with them. Consider using a different technique to calculate primes.
Here are some code critiques (I'm not trying to criticize, just help you improve).

  1. On line 3, you import 3 libraries which are not used in the program.
  2. Using 4 while loops is a very janky method so usually only use 1 while loop.
  3. The variable num is unnecessary, instead turn the input into a float num1 = float(input("enter number: "))
  4. Declaring all of those variables is really unnecessary and you should have to store different data types in different variables - just change the type of one variable. Instead of numfloat3 = float(numby3) and numint3 = int(numby3), use numby and int(numby3).
  5. On line 59, your if-elif-else statements lack an else, meaning they cannot cover numbers that don't satisfy the previous two conditions. This is the cause of the error I talked about at the beginning of this post.
    I hope you understood my feedback and good luck!