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instagram bot using repl using mac?
BrandonsTattoos (1)

Can i build a instagram bot using repl using mac? i read about using a Virtual Machine install for on mac to achieve that , but i was wondering if this platform do that without VM using python?

slapped (1)

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AllAwesome497 (412)

What? Who told you that you needed a vm to host a bot? Regardless of what operating system you use, python will work, and even if python wasn't available for your operating system, repl would be. Yes, you could host an instagram bot on repl, although your uptime might not be 100%.

BrandonsTattoos (1)

Sorry im new here so that would mean, just creating a bot would mean i would need to upgrade my account? and that would be because of storage usage would be over 100MB? @AllAwesome497

abc3354 (230)

@BrandonsTattoos No you do not need to upgrade your account, you just need to create a repl and code your bot

However I don't know if bots are authorized by Instagram

BrandonsTattoos (1)

@abc3354 oh instagram has bots because i get messages all the time from them. i just think that its a great marketing tool.

Foxdier (0)

Thank you so much for this helpful information. I’m not a programmer, but I do web development, so I’m partial to code editors with an excellent interface without a lot of superfluous features. I only know basic Python, although I do have some other coding skills. I also decided to create an Instagram bot. As it turns out, I find two significant ways to create an Instagram bot using Python. A common approach is to use the Selenium WebDriver to automate it through your browser. The second method is quite simple and much more straightforward, to use this service In any case, I succeeded.

NZHacker808 (111)

Do you mean help you with the whole program?

BrandonsTattoos (1)

@Miner36number2 no not at all. i was wondering am i headed in the right directions trying to create a instagram bot using this plaform. like for example i read i need a plugin call chromedriver to create the bot, my question is can platform be my only source i use to complete this task?

SixBeeps (5629)

@BrandonsTattoos Oh yeah, supports chromedriver.

BrandonsTattoos (1)

@SixBeeps which chromedriver can i use im on mac using

SixBeeps (5629)

@BrandonsTattoos It doesn't matter if you're running Mac because runs Linux. As for which chromedriver, you could use any one you wanted to really. I've seen a lot of people use Selenium, though.

NZHacker808 (111)

Not "buld" it's build :)

BrandonsTattoos (1)

thanks for pointing that out. Now can you help me? @Miner36number2