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input not going into list.
BrockTempler (0)

I have tried so many things so well just have to see if you guys can come up with something new I want the answered to stay thoe. problem on 2 function menu()

Coder100 (19280)

Your code is gibberish lol

Lines 24-28, you are looping through each character in the user input and checking if the user input is in the character which is never true.

BrockTempler (0)

@Coder100 I used the same methood I did in this works just fine. I just messed with it so the code got out of order lol look in main() on the link i sent you.

JBloves27 (1902)

It seems like it's working ok?

JBloves27 (1902)

Please don't ping random people :) @BrockTempler

BrockTempler (0)

it wasn't completley random he helped me last time. @JBloves27

InvisibleOne (3264)

It looks like userInput that you are trying to make global on line 22 doesn't exist, you need to create it outside of a function, and then if you want to use it in the function you make it global, like this:


BrockTempler (0)

Just curious how old are you im 15? @InvisibleOne