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images in repl
MackRamirez (8)

I am wondering how I can import an image to the html file ill need a path but I cant download the image directly to the repl file or can I?

LeonDoesCode (441)

If your image is on your computer, you can drag it into the place where all your other files are. The paths will work the same as normal (if your image is in a imgs folder, then you would access it using imgs/{file-name}.

If it's on the internet, you can copy the link to it and use that as the src value.

Zavexeon (1166)

You can upload image files to

Just click that triple dot icon by the file tree in your repl and click "Upload file".

In the HTML you can add the image to your site by adding `<img src='imagename.extension'>

The imagename.extension would be the file name of your photo followed by .gif, .png, or some other image format.