What's the best OS?

I am getting a new computer soon if I'm good, but I have no idea what to get. This is not about which computer is the best, just which OS. HALP ME

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Answered by AmazingMech2418 [earned 5 cycles]
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if your into programming like it's said multiple times, linux. But if you want things that u like wanna play or stuff you can't do on mac then ofc windows. Then what if you want windows but also need a good programming environment, then get windows(again) because you can separately install ubuntu and VirtualBox and the stuff(that's what I do using a lenovo laptop and I added the linux stuff.)But MacOS is said to be safer then windows and I cannot deny that. It depends on requirment for you. according to your previous comments it seems window's might be suitable. Hope It Helps! ~ @Carnage498