Is there a way to change the REPL's language, while it's running?
iamFIREcracker (0)

(edited: fixed typo)

It appears like one should be able to do so by changing the .replit file and adding the right language = "..." entry (at least this is how it works when importing a repl from GitHub). However, the same does not seem to work when the repl is running, i.e. after you edit your .replit and refresh the page, the loaded repl still uses the previously defined language.

Is this because the instance the repl is running on has already been provisioned (and I would have to wait for it to be terminated first), or simply it's not possible to change one repl language after it's been created?


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Coder100 (19280)

@iamFIREcracker well the thing is
it sort of doesn't do anything

in a way its really misleading because once you set it, you can't change it.