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i want to try to make a hacking lab for ethical pentesting and learning

i want to learn ethical hacking and i hear setting up a virtual machine with an attacker and victim separate from your wifi is a safe way to do so however i wonder if it can be done via replit any ideas or suggestions?
and before you say anything yes i know all the basics about ethical hacking what it is the reality of it vs what ever there showing in movies but cyber security very interesting and i wanna get past just the basics :D


When you initialize a Repl, you're pretty much given a VM to start with. All your code runs on a VM, so that should have you covered. But, the networking conditions aren't ideal, and you're going to have a tough time if you need things like sudo, network configs, etc.

Honestly, if you can, work locally.


@SixBeeps thank you for the info, I do have a question when you say work locally do you mean by port forwarding or offline?