Files resetting

Created some test python code and it works. And I use uptime robot to Keep_Alive.

However, I've noticed if I leave the program running, log out, when I come back at the end of the day - all of my text files are reset to zero.

I suspect this is because I'm using the free account. If I upgrade to Hacker, will my data be safe or will it sill be overwritten?

But I'm reading online that is designed to 'destroy' and go back to zero in files (not code) when the repl moves?...

Any guidance is appreciated.

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i suspect you are changing the file in the program, so here's my answer:

it's for security and it doesn't matter if you're on hacker or free. you can't fix it


@ch1ck3n Wow. Thanks. Is there another service like replit where the files live forever?


@FSAlerts no but you can try repl db


@FSAlerts Use Replit DB as it saves between restarts: