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i need help on my website
adr4le (0)

her are the ditel's:


shopping all products

game's and business and more everything you need.

Answered by HENRYMARTIN4 (398) [earned 5 cycles]
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Hi @adr4le, I can't help you unless you give me more information. What is your goal for this website, and what experience do you have? What issues are you having? You've also not written anything that I can try to look at, and a file called "" is NOT HTML.

Please reply to this if you can tell me more

adr4le (0)

@HENRYMARTIN4 it's so could be on HTML CSS and JavaScript now

CosmicBear (52)

are you trying to make a website with only python and nothing else???

CosmicBear (52)

I don't understand why you have python repls that are websites. You don't make websites with python unless you use a web framework like flask or django.