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i need help asap thx
CyberHacker101 (113)

How in the world do I make a combinator?

its a long story but I just need these following questions answered god i sound like a scammer lol

this isnt a question oof but if you dont know wat a combinator is heres a good explanation(scroll down to get to the questions :

In mathematics

Combinatory logic was originally intended as a 'pre-logic' that would clarify the role of quantified variables in logic, essentially by eliminating them. Another way of eliminating quantified variables is Quine's predicate functor logic. While the expressive power of combinatory logic typically exceeds that of first-order logic, the expressive power of predicate functor logic is identical to that of first order logic (Quine 1960, 1966, 1976).

Thee questions

  • What lang should I use?
  • Does anyone have a template that I could use? Im just lazy
  • How do I start this? Im such a noob
  • How do I block pings they be sooooo annoying
  • umm yeahhhh I forgot the rest I will be right back oof

also don't ask for cycles its very annoying only the worthy ones get it :D

EDIT: lol I posted the wrong repl even tho no one answered the question

mwilki7 (1137)

For question 1, are you choosing a language to implement combinatory logic entirely or partially?

Coder100 (16985)

so what's your question

CyberHacker101 (113)

ahem look at the "theee questions" part lol @Coder100

CyberHacker101 (113)

oh gawd i thought you had 1500 cycles you really over data LOL @Coder100