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how to start coding?

i am 15 i want to learn languages of programming.i have learned some python from many websites.but i still dont know where and how to go forward.i dont have a team. basicallyi want a guide on how to go through.

and does everyone do coding on their own in this repls


technically html and css are not programming languages but they will help you understand coding at the beginning. Try learning them first, then go on to a actual programming language like js, c++, c#, etc. The level of programming languages also can determine how human friendly they are to learn. For example, medium level programming languages like c and c++ are not that much human friendly; High level programming languages like js and python are more human friendly


I could help you learn some python or other language if you wanted. Multiple people can be on one repl with the invite button on the top right, and you can also have a team that has multiple projects. Replit is a pretty easy website to navigate. If you just press buttons you'll figure it out.


Learn about computers first. You can’t “code” without and strong knowledge about hardware, software, local vs could, memory, file paths, etc. Then decide if you want to code or program. They sound like the same thing but coding in my opinion is more of just writing syntax endlessly which is no better than typing and essay. Rather programming is about understanding how the syntax works and making your program as efficient as possible.

My main point is it’s not about language or ide, it’s about understanding how everything works


and does everyone do coding on their own in this repls

it depends, i mostly do, but then you can also have teams where you code with people (not me getting one for a shorter url)


First follow this series

Then start learning Flask or