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how to share my repl
Andreipython43 (5)

how to share my repl to people

BlueComet (116)

you can post this on share on the top it says add post

AmazingMech2418 (1087)

Well, you just shared this repl! Using the post feature like what you did to ask this question, you can share it with the community. Usually, it is best to use Share, but you can also do Tutorials if it is a tutorial or something else people can learn from, Templates if you are doing the template jam, or Ask if you have a question. If you mean to share with specific people, you can just send the person either the link to your repl or the link to your post.

PeterAravin (5)

just click on the add post icon on talk and at will at the top of the box that appears there is a dropdown menu and from there click on share then after you did that in the box under it write the name of the repl and under that you put the title of your post and then write a description and click share to share it.

Ganesha1 (39)

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