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how to run java files.

Hello, I was wondering how I can run the and any other .java file in replit. In python I am able to import the os and pass in the file on os.system() but I am unable to do it with Java and I noticed that new files are created that I have no idea what they are. I will be doing a java bootcamp course and I want to make sure I am able to run java code without problem.

Answered by theangryepicbanana [earned 5 cycles]
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Just click the Run button


the run button run the but what about the other files? how do i run those? I have a file and I will be creating many others but I don't know how. @theangryepicbanana


@strangeLanguage I don't know java, but I'm guessing there is a way to run other files from the main java file


well in python I can do: os.system('python3') and it will run and here with Java I can't even type in the interpreter. @PDanielY


@strangeLanguage Just make another repl? you can make more than one


yeah I can do that or decide not to learn Java which I am now considering after some research and how ridiculously hard it is to just print 'hello world'. @theangryepicbanana


@strangeLanguage it's not exactly "hard", it just requires some setup. Once you learn why it works, you may like it a bit more. Also, many companies hire java devs, as it is the most widely used language next to C/C++ in application development


@strangeLanguage repl doesnt appear to be as lenient in terms of compiler options, you'd typically do javac but repl streamlined it to always be javac so your main program always has to have a iirc


@theangryepicbanana I teach web development for a living, and I will vouch that it is HARD to print hello world in Java, unless you have fundamental understanding of how Object Oriented Programming works, which obviously will not be the case to the code newbie.


you can do that by,

first compiling your (make sure your main class which contain void main and your myfile name is same, else wont work) by typing in your console:

then run your
java myfile


It's 2 step process in repl editor(Compile and Run)

Step 1: Click Run button ( runs repl also compile your class and creates other.class)

Step 2: java other (in command prompt, this will run your file).

Java is object oriented robust language and Platform-Independent. Java only has Android development. It needs some learning to enjoy this language and it has future.


i only know how to do it on windows: go to the command prompt, go to the directory of the file, type 'javac' and then the program. then, you will see another file. type in 'java' and then the new file's name. then you should see something in the command prompt (for example, 'Hello, world!') (this is if you want to run from the windows terminal, as a file)