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how to fix space bug
edgugokaydin (0)

everytime I press space button on console it dubles what is written in front of it. anyone has the problem? how can i solve it that is so exhausting to type and delete the half simultaneously

Coder100 (18934)

By the way, you can press tab to indent.
Anyways, make sure it isn't that your computer is slow, sometimes the computer thinks you are holding down a key, for example, which makes you repeatedly spam the key.
Also, get new hardware like a new keyboard.

IMayBeMe (552)

This could be accounted to one of two issues. The first being that the repeat delay on your keyboard is far too low and causes characters to be registered twice over a short keypress. The other, more likely issue is that the connection between your computer and replit's servers fades in and out causing the editor to duplicate code when trying to reconnect. My advice is to check keyboard settings and then restart your internet if the keyboard wasn't the issue.

CodeMaster007 (113)

I'm not sure what you mean by "dubles" but for me, the console works just like a normal. I tried to click space in a few different spots to see what your issue was but I never encountered anything like that.

MocaCDeveloper (713)

What do you mean by "it doubles what is in front of it"?