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how to connect php to html
ChezCoder (1588)

how can I connect a PHP file to an HTML,CSS,JS web file?
I tested it on PHP web but it just runs the PHP even without clicking the submit button...
can I just set the ACTION attr on an HTML input element to the link of the REPL php?:

<form action='replink.php' method='post'>
           <input name='test'>
           <input type='submit'>
malvoliothegood (851)

1) You need to be using the PHP Web template
2) Form code needs to be on the index page
3) Another page can pick up the submitted code using the $_GET or $_POST superglobal arrays

Have a look at this example:

Vandesm14 (2643)

I don't think PHP works well with as of now. They're planning on getting it to work in the future.

MythicalFrog (0)

@Vandesm14, it is now :)

Vandesm14 (2643)

@MythicalFrog I know... This was from a year ago...