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how to communication with tcp server created in REPL
mWindowsHz (1)

I wanted to know if there is a way to create TCP server in REPL page, and then open a tcp client application or diffrent REPL page, and use wireshark to analyse the communication.

  1. is there a public ip address that can be used? (server and client communication)
  2. how to monitor communication.
    I am planning to use Python

Thanks in advance

Vandesm14 (2639)

This is totally possible. You can open a tcp server on a repl and connect to it using the link that it gives you.

mWindowsHz (1)


did not understand the answer.

how can I find the link?

I found for example this code

so a server is created , but how do I connect to it?
and how can I connect to it over the internet. with a public IP
and also from a different REPL page.

Vandesm14 (2639)

@mWindowsHz Since couldn't detect that you're running a server, there won't be a link. Try using this link:

JunaidAlam1 (0)

How to connect app with I can't understand please give me example of code anyone.Thanks in advance.