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how to bypass goguardian
MasonPinson (1)

MocaCDeveloper (603)

Uhm..if they use chromium to have access to your computer, which is how they can block websites, simply click inspect and type window.close() in the console.

I do this all the time lol :D

xxpertHacker (928)

Head over to, then try this:

chromium-browser --no-sandbox;

Then, drag the little GUI box to max size.

Probably will work better than Coder100's answer.

The problem? The performance sucks, even with max memory allocated, it's still terrible.

I have plenty of other workarounds against my district's GoGuardian, since I happen to really dislike it, from sites, JS hacks, and native code loopholes.

BooleanBean (3)

@xxpertHacker I do the same ngl. I have found many ways of finding a weakness in the school's flawed armor, and attack it with my keen intellect. Do you want to work together?

RayhanADev (2147)

Nope, it’s not a good idea to assist in this because your school district can get us in trouble xD.


Ok, i have that a lot. My school computer blocks everything. But you can use a unblocked. I suggest not though. You can get in serious trouble.

RayhanADev (2147)

@RYANTADIPARTHI agreed! (Also when do you want to work on that project?)


@RayhanADev uh, not now, but i'm in the process of making another project, and you can help me with that if you want.


@Coder100 you might now want to give him an unblocker, it can put you in trouble.

Coder100 (17620)

well its only a shell-shocker unblocker xd @RYANTADIPARTHI


@Coder100 still, you might not want do it. seriously

angrydoge (473)

Wait, you can keep track of the views? how @TheOnlyGoodOne?

angrydoge (473)

idk how to use the app for making web servers in js so idk what it does @Coder100

MasonPinson (1)

@TheOnlyGoodOne It did not work my school blocked is i cant code that well so i don't know how to make it not blocked

MasonPinson (1)

help or can you just provide info on a unblocked site with without flash