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how the hell do you teach yourself python
Taiga123m (3)

how to teach yourself python I am having a lot of trouble and please don't comment if your not gonna answer the question becuase I just want a question answered. Unless it has to do with the question.

Carnage498 (59)

is someone in your family works at cognizant you'll get free access to "" which will give an extreme amount of programming courses. Without it it's $100+. so yea. without that here are other websites:

IMayBeMe (552)

Treat learning Python as if your learning a spoken language. Anytime you have math or science homework do it and then see if you can automate it using Python. This will build a strong foundation of the basics and will help give some meaning to Python. Then go on a website like Edabit or project Euler and do some challenges until you find yourself comfortable in complex problem solving. By this point you should have a fairly large understanding of Python and can start making real world programs. As for getting the info, I assume you know how to use google and can search up a tutorial.

InvisibleOne (3227)

Just look up "how to code python3" and read through the results. Once you have an idea of the basics just start coding random garbage, you'll learn a ton through trial and error, and after you have the syntax down learning the more complex stuff is fun and not to hard.
If you need any help you can invite me to a repl and I can try and teach you


One: look at other people's code. This is one of the most useful things about open source projects, and if you don't know how something works, just ask them through the comments or dm them on replit discord if you get permission.

Two: Have you ever heard of YouTube?

Three: Check out codecademy, w3schools, and other helpful websites like GeeksForGeeks.

Hope this helped!

Taiga123m (3)

other than taking classes

Coder100 (18939)

No you don't teach yourself python, you watch videos and look at tutorials!

here is one:

Coder100 (18939)

did you find what you need

Taiga123m (3)

@Coder100 well I was looking for different ways because I wanted to teach myself python.


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