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how does one become a moderator for the board?
DarkHorizon1 (0)

if i could have any details about this, it would be greate.

CodeLongAndPros (1624)

It's on the basis of good moral integrity, and you've gotta have been around a bit, and they need moderators for X reason. (Like more timezones etc..) but @TheDrone7 is the final authority for 'recruiting'

Bookie0 (6294)

I've asked this question before, check it out here.

But you basically would have to be here for quite some time to know the rules and stuff. You also have to report things, and most likely be nice and stuff. Repl site moderators are chosen by admins; they'll contact you by email or discord. :)

InvisibleOne (2990)

Most mods have been around for a while and are known by the replit team. It used to be they had to be part of a discord helper program but that isn't a requirement anymore. If replit wants you to be a mod they'll contact you.

FloCal35 (667)

you have to be recognized by the team to be one

IMayBeMe (484)

People can become mods by being active on talk, as well as from reporting any spam posts. I don’t think repl is looking for any mods right now though.