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how do you create a coding language
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hey its my first post and i want to know how to make a programing language so can some one send me step by step or pictures or maybe a video. Thanks!

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I have tried to build a programming language in both Python and JS for many times and all of them are failed. If you want to use your programming language for specfic things (like for server or for web), then I recommend to start with DSL (Domain Specfic Language) first, you can check out this, then if you ready to build a real programming language, try this tutorial for Python or this but for JS. You can also check out the links that

has shared.

Note: Making a programming language can be very challenging and make you lose motivation a pretty lot, but trust me, it is pretty fun!

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Coder100 is great, but is it in Java and C.

Are you a newer coder? I suggest you probably should learn more of your language, but anyways: