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how do you add a picture

im wanting to know how to add a picture like any picture and be able to put it anywhere

Answered by RYANTADIPARTHI [earned 5 cycles]
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try this.

in the IMAGEURL section, put the file name of the image you uploaded, or put the image URL.
It should work


Does anyone know what to put if the image is in the replit already? <img source="replitfile">


What these guys are saying is the correct way to load an image, but to put it anywhere you want you will have to use CSS.

CSS is a way to style the contents of a webpage.

While putting CSS into a style attribute is not recommended, it shows you how to style tags without extra steps, which should be best for a person who seems so new to HTML like you.

The position:absolute; detaches the image from being relative to the other elements of the page. If you were to put something above the image, it would move down.

Then, after setting the position to absolute (not dependant on the position of other elements on a page), you set the position itself.

there are four types of positioning properties:

  • top
  • bottom
  • left
  • right

Each corresponds to the respective position of the page. Want to put something at the bottom of the page?

It's as simple as that.

Replace the numbers and properties with the correlates to the position of the page and the number that determines the distance away from that, respectively.

If you want to move by percentage just add % at the end of the number like bottom:15%;. If you want to move by pixels, do the same but replace the % with px like this: bottom:5px;.

Don't forget the semicolon at the end!

Hope this helps!


and so url is the link? or is it a file from my computer


@DylanStein1 The file itself is a URL.

It's a relative URL, meaning it doesn't have the site name. Sure, you could put, but a relative URL is faster to type and would look like myImages/myImage.png (assuming you are in the

It's a bit confusing, but a file loaded to your website can be accessed to your website via a relative URL.

A file from your computer doesn't have a link because it isn't open to people to access it. Unless you set up a web server that can host that image, no. You would have to upload it to your website.


working repl:

read more:



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