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how do people decide that something is a "low effort" post?

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why do i need 5 words here? and 50 characters?

Answered by PattanAhmed [earned 5 cycles]
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People can themselves decide that their posts are of no meaning easily...

Like if you wanted to post something like basic silly things like that just loops through a statement then, it's called Low Effort Post
And If you wanted to post something like your hard-work projects then, You can post it without any hesitation as it is called High Effort Post
I am pretty sure that you may post High Effort Posts here :)

Hope this helps
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mods decide that so that repl isn't flooding with spam projects like your i am cool one.

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Hi, that is to prevent spam.

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  1. mods decide something is low effort if the code does not do much, its not meant to offend people but its kinda in place to stop cycle farming and people not working hard 2. you need 5 words and 50 characters mainly because you are meant to eexplain your question or post and also it can help stop spam.