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how do i view all other peoples repls
nighthowler422 (4)

so I what to get a starter code for some of my repls

Answered by Kookiez (400) [earned 5 cycles]
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Kookiez (400)

Well, to see other people's repls, you can click on their name, like this:

and you go to the tab called "Repls" (Which is the first tab you see):

and, you click on a repl...

and you can see their repl!

oh, and to get a starter project, go to the place on share called "Templates":

and click on the post, click the "open":

and you "fork" it! (Make a copy), which you do by clicking the "fork" button:

Hope this helps!

ThisUserTaken (243)

click on the person's name. you can see their comments, projects (repls), and posts! make sure to mark whoever got ur answer right correct!


You can click on their names. So try clicking on yours, and you can get your stuff. If you click on people's names, you can get their repls.