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how do i find the center button
bdsdaklklsfs (0)

im watching the beginner course for python and it shows him going to share then center the thing is i cant find share therfor not finding center

Carnage498 (58)

i don't get what your centering

bdsdaklklsfs (0)

@Carnage498 ye my bad now I fully know that I actually just need to click the result button but i cant find it

QuickV (128)

there is no "result button". You have to click the "run" button, which you can also do with ctrl + enter or command + enter. Hopefully this answers your question. @bdsdaklklsfs

QuickV (128)

Also it's best to understand how replit works before just doing exactly what the tutorial does (no offense). @bdsdaklklsfs

SixBeeps (5348)

Share is slowly being deprecated. What do you plan on doing?

bdsdaklklsfs (0)

@SixBeeps make a line that goes forward