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how do i change the complete background color
jibbeiscool (4)

how do i change the complete background color cause i changed the background color but i cant change the complete background color like ther is still a white bars

Coder100 (18089)

Hello, to change the entire background color of the page, you will have to change the body's background.

Here, we have changed the background to red.

body {
  background: red;
Aqtion (223)

Or you could do
html {
background: red


Coder100 (18089)

yes, but its best not to change the HTML tag. (It's redundant) @kbadrinath_tcsp

jibbeiscool (4)

Im sorry if i wasnt clear enough i was talking about the contactfile.html file @Coder100

Coder100 (18089)

Hello, for contactfile.html remember to add a <body> tag enclosing all of the tags. So it would become

(rest of the form code)

Also, the white bars are because of margin. In your css for the form, add:

body { margin: 0; }

This just removes the margin (white bars).


jibbeiscool (4)

Thx ill check Tomorrow if iT works cause im on my phone right now so ya but thx @Coder100