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how do i change the color of the text on c++

i want to change the text color like i did in space adventure but i dont know how to do it in c++
please help

Answered by Bookie0 [earned 5 cycles]
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Check out a tutorial here (scroll down to colors):

ANSI Escapes Codes

Now you might be wondering, how can I change the colour of the console text? Squids can chnage colour, so why can't the console? Well you actually can!

There's something called an ANSI code. It let's you specify what colour your text should be! You can use it like this:

Notice how it begins with \033[, and ends with m. Here are the colour codes, for coloring text and the background of the text:

Notice how it's only a number. So for example, if you want red text, you would do something like this:


Or if we want a background of bright cyan:


We can also mix and match them! Here's a fun combo using bright yellow background, green background, blue text, and bright magenta text. We'll also use reset to reset the color back to the default (no background color and white plain text):


you can also specify RGB values for ansi escape sequences
this can be done with
you can also set the RGB of the background using
(ive used ansi escape sequences alot)

~ from @Nettakrim

Only if the teletype supports true (24 bit) color.

~ from @CodeLongAndPros

Lemme know if you have any questions! :)


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