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how do i become a good programmer
nathan017 (0)

hi everyone..
am a beginner in coding, i started learning python, html and css recently. i need coaching
i want to be a programmer

xxpertHacker (865)

Do what everyone else does; what does a sports player do to become good at their sport? Train and practice.

What does an aspiring mathematician do to become good at math? Train, practice and learn.

What does a writer do to become good? ...

It's a pretty generalized process at becoming good, just specialize it for programming:

Learn to code, practice coding, code, repeat.

SameeraMurthy (110)
  1. Understand the basics and the concepts of coding. (Logic, Looping, Types, etc.)

  2. Once you get the concepts, practice with problems, simple projects, etc. (Get the experience)

You will gradually become a good programmer.

NeilBhaduri (65)

One way to become a good programmer is by examining others code. When I did this, and experimented, I learned several things. Also, try and do simple projects for practice.


learn logic problems. Understand the concepts, practice more with projects. that's it


@nathan017 no problem. Click check mark please.

Coder100 (16898)

Just make more projects, that way you can learn new things and ask more questions :)

InvisibleOne (2678)

Well, there isn't really a secret to being a good programmer, just practice as much as you can