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how do I create a multiplayer repl
SparkyDoodle (1)

Me and my friend want to learn c++ together but I can't figure out how to create a multiplayer repl with him

Highwayman (1483)

To the left of your run button is a button labeled “invite” click on it and then type your friend’s name into the give field and then click on him.

KhizerRafiq (0)

I can't see any button to the left of my run button

replax (2)

I had the same question. I think should change this, so that one could create repl's in the multiplayer "folder" to prepare some code that at some point you want to invite someone to. It would also be nice to turn the availability of it on and of.

I guess something like this will be more of what they are creating for the "education" edition that is coming/planned soon :)

PS, maybe, as a minimum, on top of the "multiplayer page", if it is empty, show a message: "If you invite someone to one of your Repls by clicking the + button in the upper right corner, that Repl will show up in this multiplayer folder also"