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how do I change file names in python?
rubpec2 (4)

I just need to translate over 200 file names to dutch and then download all of them, but idk anything about python and I don't know how to change file names, i've been trying to look for a library but idk how to make it work for replit, all of them do it on your pc.

Bookie0 (5948)

Maybe check this Geeks for geeks page out; using os.rename() you can rename files.

Or you can press the 3 dots on a file and press rename, but that would take a long time.

To download, press the 3 dots and click download as zip.

Then in your downloads folder on your computer you'll have this:

And when you open it you can rename the files there.

To rename multiple files at once on mac, check this. On windows, check this.

Good luck! :D

rubpec2 (4)

how do i use it on


@rubpec2 i'm not sure if the os will satisfy your requirement, but try it. Search os module in python in google, and learn about it.