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how can i invite friend
JiaHaoHao2 (14)

i want to add friends to my repl. how do I do that?

Kai_Justice (271)

When in a repl the button left of the run button, the invite button allows you to add others. Put in their repl username to add them.


@JiaHaoHao2, mark @Kai_Justice 's answer if it answered your question

Vandesm14 (2752)

Please don't spam to get past the character limit. It's there for a reason.

Jessica0519 (2)

You can just use firefox! Here is the download link: Hope it worked!

FineMouche (2)

we can't add friend like discord for MP our friend ?


but my repl's don't show that button:(


oh that's sad:(, @rakeshku but thanks for telling me?

rakeshku (1)

@clawstrike hey, i was wrong. My issue was specific to chrome browser. It worked on firefox. Give this a try on firefox, you will see a 'share' button at top right corner.


oh ok, thanks @rakeshku :)


I just did and it works :). Thanks @rakeshku!