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how I can put an image on a html project?
SimoneEnoletto (0)

I know I have to do imp src= but it doesn't work

SreyasSabbani (62)

You can also do

  1. Create CSS & HTML File
  2. Create a Class in the CSS file
  3. Add the background image you want
.sam-splint {
  background-image: url("/types-splint.png");
  width: 242px;
  height: 500px;
  1. Create a <div> and give it the CSS class you want

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SimoneEnoletto (0)

thanks at all the guys that helped me!

codingjlu (215)

If you have a link to your image:

In you html:

<img src=""></img>

If not

Drag and drop your picture into your repl, then:

<img src="yourImageName.png"></img>
BananaJellyfish (210)

You have to do:
<img src="image_name_here.jpg">
Also i think you uave to have the image downloaded as a file. When youre in your project, on the left you can press the 3 dots then 'upload file', like so:

notGilbert (121)
  1. make sure the img tag is inside an element that is being displayed: <body>
  2. make sure the img URL is valid (if you open it, it should be an image with a black background)
  3. make sure the HTML code is correct:
<img src="">