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100 special
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i need good ideas for my 100 special

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hi there!

here are some great ideas for projects:

  • pacman
  • pong
  • uno
  • name/place/idea/story generator
  • snake
  • HTML webpage about yourself
  • text based adventure game (choice making game)
  • simulator (Life sim, cooking sim, teacher sim, fighting sim, etc.)
  • hotel managment game
  • tycoon game
  • ascii art/animation
  • url shortener
  • battleship
  • chat app
  • make a tutorial about something you know best
  • discord bot
  • learn a new language (c++, c, java, php, etc.)
    site recreating another site; like a site that looks like, amazon, google
  • do the weekly challenges

you can also join the discord ( to get some ideas

if you need more ideas, you can always google "coding ideas" and it will give you many more ideas to help you ;)

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@Bookie0 Uno? that's actually a good idea, i might try that out myself :D

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yes I dunno if I can, im pretty busy especially with school and all @Muffinlavania