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Using for High School CS Class
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We are interested in using for a high school computer science class. We would like to use it to allow students to write and run code and also give them code templates to start with (like a repl to fork from).

Is this a supported (and free) use-case for repl?

Also, earlier today we tried using it with our class. We created a repl and had about 20 students try to view, fork, and edit their copy of it. However, only half of the class was able to view it and the other half saw plugin error (like a red error message).

Do we need a special account or something to share repls to large groups?

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hi! has a classroom feature, which allows teachers to create and manage virtual classrooms. in short, it makes it easier for students to view, edit, and turn in repls as part of assignments created by the instructor.

i think this might be what you are looking for. right now, this classroom feature is free (however, classes created by teachers are not private) (pricing details and more details can be found here.

šŸ¤” sort of weird that half of the class saw those plugin error messages; i've only come across such errors in a handful cases. it would be good to report the bugs so the developers know what's broken (if possible)

hopefully i was able to help :)