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css not working


Hello. I am making a chat box for myself and my friends. When I run the html without css, I get what you see to the side. The same thing happens when I add any css to it. Any solutions on how to get the css to appear when the application is ran?

3 years ago
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because that is an 'HTML, CSS, JS', repl, i would recommend removing the php declaration text and php code from your index.html; the php code will not work.

relevant to your styling issue, you reference your css as such:

<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='css/style.css' />

it does not work because you have no directory called css with a style.css in it.
you can fix it by creating a directory and placing your css in there, or renaming your href reference

you can use any of the options

mentioned to update your href (without changing the name of any files or creating any folders)

  • href='/style.css' and href='//style.css' work because your style.css is at the root of your directory

  • href='style.css' and href='./style.css' work because both your index.html and style.css file is in the same directory.

3 years ago

Thanks! It worked!

3 years ago