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help with updating rust.

Are there any plans for replit to update rust from 1.44.0 (current) to the latest 1.54.0? Im asking as some modules like socket2 do not work with this version of rust (error[E0658])

If it isnt being updated, is there any way to update it manually or something?

Answered by SixBeeps [earned 5 cycles]
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It's not 1.54.0, but Nix has version 1.52.1 ready to go. Just add the pkgs.rustc derivation to a Nix environment.


@SixBeeps i totally forgot they added nix, but i remember having a lot of problems with it a while back

Theres no way to just turn my current repl to a nix environment to keep all the files etc is there?

If there was it would make my life a lot easier lol


@Aman25ta I'm not sure how far along they are in doing so, but ALL Repls are planned to be running Nix at some point.

Currently, I'd look into zipping your whole project, then re-uploading and unzipping it in a Nix Repl. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with how Rust's versioning works, but if it requires superuser access to completely install a new version, then I'd imagine that's your only choice.


@SixBeeps thanks anyways, ill just zip it and move the files i guess